Five Nights at Freddy's review

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Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) is an iconic survival horror video game created by Scott Cawthon. Since its release in 2014, the game has quickly grown in popularity around the world and has become a cultural phenomenon. FNAF follows a night-time security guard who has to survive the night in a decrepit pizzeria inhabited by animatronic characters with a hidden, sinister agenda. It has become a cult classic and spawned a trilogy of novels and numerous games. Let's take a closer look at why FNAF has become such an iconic and beloved game.

The Story Behind Five Nights at Freddy's: How It All Began 

FNAF takes place in a pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where the player takes the role of a nighttime security guard tasked with surviving the night. The protagonist must vigilantly watch security cameras and use various tools, such as doors and vents, in order to ward off animatronic characters (which come to life during the night) from entering the guard's office and killing him/her. As the plot progresses, the player discovers the dark secrets behind the pizzeria and its animatronics. The game series also expands the plot through mini-games, voice recordings, and Easter eggs.

The Real Horror Behind FNAF's Graphics 

It has sparse but effective graphics, which creates an eerie, tense atmosphere. The game's characters are mostly static images with limited animation, but they still manage to exude a sinister, haunting presence. The game's graphics may feel dated now, but at the time of its release, it was revolutionary and incredibly innovative.

Making the Most of FNAF's Features and Gameplay

It is played in five phases, with the main goal being to survive the night. Players must use various tools and resources in order to stay safe and ward off the animatronics. As the progress of the shift, the difficulty increases as the animatronics become more active and aggressive. Additionally, the game offers several mini-games and unlocks secret Easter eggs, which reveal background information about the story.

Unlocking the True Horror Behind FNAF

It has become a beloved cult classic for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is its narrative. The game pulls players in through its horror-filled atmosphere, creepy characters, and suspenseful plot. Moreover, the game's puzzles and mini-games provide a nice break from the intense tension of the security guard's shift.

Bottom Line: The Lasting Legacy of Five Nights at Freddy's

FNAF is a timeless classic that has left an indelible imprint on the gaming community. The game allowed players to experience a unique horror experience that was both thrilling and terrifying. The game's sparse graphics, tense atmosphere, and unique story all make it an unforgettable experience. To this day, the game still remains a fan favorite and has inspired several spin-off games. 


  • Engaging Story
  • Frighteningly Intense
  • Open-Ended.


  • Low Replayability
  • Obsolete Graphics
  • Unforgiving Difficulty.
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