Ultimate Custom Night review

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Ultimate Custom Night

Welcome to the Ultimate Custom Night, the seventh installment in the well-known Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. ScottGames made this installment as an answer to the community’s request for a game where you can customize the A.I.s of the animatronics. The play was released on June 27th, 2018, on Steam, with mobile ports for iOS and Android on April 28th, 2020, and console ports finally released on April 30th, 2021.

Story and Graphics

The story follows a security guard that is employed in a pizzeria containing nightmarish animatronics. His mission is to survive a night at the location by protecting himself from dangerous animatronics. The graphics of the play are quite simple yet effective, as they provide a unique horror atmosphere that's fitting for the game.


It has many unique features that make it stand out from the other games in the franchise. Besides the fifty-nine antagonists that make this the largest variation of the mode, the play also features a host of customizable settings to customize your gaming experience truly. You can adjust the difficulty levels of the individual animatronics, as well as play in a variety of different mini-games.


In the game, you play as a security guard in a pizzeria. You will be tasked with surviving the night by defending yourself from the dangerous animatronics. Throughout the play, you will encounter various challenges and mini-games that you have to complete in order to progress. You’ll also have to deal with various obstacles and enemies as they will try to stop you from completing your mission.


Ultimate Custom Night is a great installment in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It features many unique features, such as fifty-nine antagonists, mini-games, and customizable settings. Despite the lack of story and some repetitiveness, this play is a great horror experience you can enjoy with friends.


  • Fifty-nine antagonists make this the biggest mode variation in the series
  • A host of customizable settings to create your own horror experience
  • Variety of mini-games to enjoy
  • Unique horror atmosphere.


  • Limited replayability due to the lack of story progression
  • It can get repetitive due to the same setting in each game
  • Lack of story development.
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Author: Clickteam USA LLC
Latest Version: 1.0
Size: 147M

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