Becoming a Shinobi Master in the World of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Chris Burn


Becoming a Shinobi Master in the World of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In the perilous lands of Sengoku-era Japan, where danger lurks in every shadow, "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" beckons players into a beautifully brutal world. This action-adventure game, crafted by FromSoftware, challenges players to embody the essence of a shinobi - a relentless warrior with a heart steadfast in vengeance and honor. The path to mastering the way of the shinobi is fraught with trials that will test your resolve, skill, and patience. This guide aims to light your path, offering insights and strategies to unfold the prowess hidden within you, enabling you to rise above the adversaries and reclaim your lost honor.

Understanding the Basics of Combat

Combat in Sekiro is an intricate dance of death. It rewards precision, timing, and an understanding of your enemy. Here are key components to keep in mind:

  • Posture and Vitality: Every enemy, including you, has two crucial bars - Vitality and Posture. While Vitality indicates health, Posture determines balance. Breaking an opponent's posture allows for lethal executions. Focus on a balanced approach of lowering vitality and breaking posture.
  • Deflection: Unlike traditional blocking, deflection involves timing a block just before an attack lands. Mastering deflection is paramount as it significantly damages enemy posture while preserving yours.
  • Attacks and Counterattacks: From whirlwind slashes to thrust counters, learning and utilizing the full spectrum of your abilities determines your survival. Match your attacks with the situation, and always be ready to counter.
  • Stealth: A shinobi knows when to strike openly and when to blend with the shadows. Utilize stealth to thin enemies or execute stealth deathblows on unsuspecting foes.

Grasping these fundamentals is the first step to becoming adept in Sekiro's unforgiving combat system.

Mastering Shinobi Prosthetics


Your Shinobi Prosthetic is a versatile tool that offers a multitude of combat and utility options. Here's how you can maximize its potential:

  • Exploration: Use tools like the Grappling Hook to navigate and access different areas. Exploration can uncover useful items, secrets, and alternative routes for tackling challenges.
  • Adaptation: Each prosthetic tool has unique applications. The Flame Vent can set enemies ablaze, while the Loaded Shuriken is excellent for dealing with fast-moving foes. Experiment and adapt your loadout based on the scenario.
  • Upgrade: Enhancing your prosthetics can drastically improve their effectiveness. Visit the Sculptor often to unlock new abilities and make sure to collect materials scattered across the world for upgrades.
  • Integration: Don't rely solely on your sword or a single prosthetic tool. Integrate your prosthetic tools into your combat flow for powerful combos and increased tactical versatility.

Understanding and utilizing your Shinobi Prosthetic is key to overcoming the myriad of challenges that lie in wait.

Utilizing Stealth to Your Advantage

Stealth is an invaluable aspect of the shinobi's arsenal in Sekiro. A well-planned stealth approach can turn the tides of an otherwise overwhelming confrontation. Here's how to effectively utilize stealth:


  • Environment: Always be aware of your surroundings. Use tall grass, buildings, and rooftops to conceal your movements.
  • Distractions: Use Ceramic Shards or other tools to distract or lure enemies away from their posts, enabling you to slip by or set up a silent takedown.
  • Patience: Sometimes, the best course of action is to wait. Observe enemy patrols and wait for the opportune moment to act. Impatience often leads to detection.
  • Sequential Elimination: When faced with multiple foes, eliminate them one at a time, starting with the most isolated or the ones furthest from the group. This minimizes the risk of detection.

Mastering stealth not only preserves your vitality but also grants you a strategic advantage over your enemies.

Upgrading Your Abilities

As you progress through Sekiro, you'll gain access to a skill tree that offers various enhancements and new abilities. Here's how to capitalize on this feature:

  • Experience and Skill Points: Defeating enemies earns you experience. Upon accumulating enough experience, you gain skill points. Be mindful of your experience bar, especially before challenging areas where you might face defeat, as death will result in a loss of progress towards your next skill point.
  • Strategic Choices: Prioritize skills that complement your playstyle. If you favor aggression, focus on combat arts that bolster your offensive capabilities. If you lean towards caution, invest in passive skills that enhance stealth and survivability.
  • Constant Learning: The game adapts to your playstyle over time. Regularly visit the skill tree to plan your next upgrades, adjusting your strategy as needed based on the challenges you face.

Your journey as a shinobi will be defined by the skills you choose to hone. Make each choice count.

Engaging with Bosses


Boss fights in Sekiro are monumental challenges that require all the skill, patience, and strategy you've cultivated. Here's how to approach these formidable foes:

  • Study Patterns: Each boss has a set of moves and patterns. Spend time learning these patterns and identifying windows of opportunity for counterattacks or deflections.
  • Preparation: Before engaging a boss, ensure you're fully stocked on healing items and have chosen prosthetic tools and skills suited to the battle.
  • Adaptation: Don't be afraid to change tactics mid-fight. If something isn't working, adapt your approach. Sometimes, a different strategy or prosthetic tool can make all the difference.
  • Perseverance: Success against bosses often comes through perseverance. Learn from each attempt, refine your strategy, and maintain your resolve.

Defeating a boss is a testament to your growth as a shinobi and brings you one step closer to mastering the way.


Mastering the way of the shinobi in "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is an arduous journey filled with adversity. However, with perseverance, strategic insight, and the willingness to adapt, you will prevail. Embrace the challenges, learn from your defeats, and remember - death is not the end, but rather another step on the path to becoming a legendary shinobi. Forge ahead with honor, and let your blade carve the way to your rightful destiny.