NBA 2K20 review

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NBA 2K20

It is made for the present decade, and as it turns out, it’s one of the best basketball simulation games available on the market today. It comes with a whole gamut of features and new mechanics- continuously fine-tuned graphics and realistic player models – that capture the essence of the NBA. As such, the game allows basketball fans to experience what it is like to become an NBA superstar and even manage the team of their choice without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The Basics – Proven Mechanics, Quality Graphics

It employs the same shooting mechanics as the previous games in the series: the player presses the corresponding buttons at the exact moment when the shot meter is completely in the green. It’s still a matter of having the right timing and cold nerves, and the same goes for all throws and passes. Meanwhile, the visuals have been further improved from its predecessor, with improvements such as more detailed player models, better lighting, and HDR support for consoles.

Advanced Features – MyCareer Mode and The Neighborhood

Its advanced features for it are made up of two parts; MyCareer mode and The Neighborhood. MyCareer mode follows the career of the player from its humble beginnings in the developmental league to its stardom in the NBA. It is filled with interesting characters and mini-games that provide a sense of accomplishment upon successfully completing them.

The Neighborhood is NBA 2K20’s virtual playground. There, players can join games with other players, play in courts of their choice and shop for clothing and gear. Players can even customize the court and invite their friends to join in on the fun. The Neighbourhood provides a great source of entertainment, not only by playing the game but by simply “hanging out” with friends.


NBA 2K20 is an excellent basketball simulation game that captures the essence of the NBA. With its highly realistic visuals and its refined mechanics, coupled with new features such as MyCareer mode and The Neighborhood, it provides a great source of entertainment. With its plethora of features, it allows players to experience the NBA in a way that only a video game can.


  • Highly realistic visuals
  • Refined shooting and passing mechanics
  • MyCareer mode allows for customization and exploration
  • The Neighborhood is a fun virtual playground
  • Variety of in-game items and gear to buy.


  • It can be somewhat difficult to learn for some
  • Minor glitches can be present
  • Microtransactions can be too tempting.
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