Bossa Studios, The Creator Of Surgeon Simulator, Lays Off 33% Of Its Workforce

Jessica James


Bossa Studios, The Creator Of Surgeon Simulator, Lays Off 33% Of Its Workforce

Bossa Studios, the creator of the surgeon simulator, has laid off 33% of its workforce.
The gaming industry is currently grappling with numerous challenges, leading to companies having to make the harsh choice of downsizing. Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator, is the latest to announce that they have had no choice but to shed a third of their workforce.

As per reports, the layoffs have been estimated to affect 19 employees, predominantly in quality assurance (QA) and production roles, including some staff members outside of the UK. Despite these cuts, Bossa Studios is still operating with a team 40.

In expressing the gravity of the situation, co-founder of Bossa Studios, Henrique Olifiers, stated: "Confronted with extraordinary circumstances, we faced the tough decision to restructure the studio to align with our current standing at the year's conclusion and to concentrate our efforts on our new project Lost Skies. Regrettably, we must part with approximately one-third of our studio's staff, including several dear colleagues."

Olifiers continued, emphasizing the support for the affected staff: "While we are providing as much assistance as possible, we encourage fellow members of the gaming community to aid in promoting these talented individuals or, even better, consider employing them. The dedication and expertise of these 'Bossians' are unmatched, and we confidently endorse them."
"The process of creating games is fraught with challenges, but nothing compares to the difficulty of releasing esteemed team members," Olifiers mentioned with regret. "We exhausted every option to prevent this outcome, and it's with genuine remorse that we find ourselves here."

Bossa Studios, established in 2010 and based in the UK, is known for developing distinctive titles such as I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, and I Am Fish. The company's reduced workforce is now focused on advancing an upcoming cooperative survival game, Lost Skies, which accommodates 1-6 players. For further information on Lost Skies, more details are available on Bossa Studios' official website.