Candy Crush Saga review

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Candy Crush Saga

It is one of the most popular free-to-play tile-matching video games of all time. Developed by King and originally released in April 2012 for Facebook, Candy Crush Saga quickly gained a wide audience of players, with versions also available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. With its simple yet challenging game mechanics, colorful graphics, and captivating story, Candy Crush Saga has captivated millions of players.

Satisfyingly Sweet Graphics

It has a bright, vibrant, and colorful art style, with lush visuals of beautiful candy pieces and charmingly designed environments. The candy pieces come in various colors and sizes, and the way they move and interact with the player’s inputs makes it an aesthetically pleasing experience. The story, while simple, is endearingly charming and follows the journey of “Tiffi”, a young girl who is on a mission to bring the sweetness back to the world. 

Tantalizingly Sweet Gameplay

The core of the game revolves around swapping two or more pieces of candy to create a match of three or more of the same color, which can then be collected. Successfully collecting these pieces of candy will generate special items known as Power-Ups that can be used to clear the board. Each level has its own set of objectives and goals, often having a limited number of moves to complete them.

Sugary Sweet Features

It offers a wide range of features that make playing it just as addictive as it is enjoyable. These features include leaderboards, boosters and items, colorful levels, and various events. Leaderboards allow gamers to compare their scores with players from around the world, and boosters and items can be acquired to enhance gameplay. There are over 500 levels across multiple game types to keep players engaged and coming back for more. 

Lusciously Sweet Impressions

It is an addictive and accessible game that is suitable for everyone. Its bright, colorful graphics, challenging yet rewarding game mechanics, and adorable story make it an endearing experience that is hard to put down. The game’s events, leaderboard system, and ability to play on multiple platforms give players the freedom to play whenever and wherever. 


In conclusion, Candy Crush Saga is a delightful and addictive game that, once you start playing, you can't put it away. With its vibrant graphics, challenging yet rewarding puzzle gameplay, and endearing story, it’s no wonder why Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular free-to-play video games of all time. Whether you’re looking for an entertaining diversion or a quick pick-up-and-play fix, it will surely leave you satisfied.


  • Free-to-play
  • Colorful graphics
  • Challenging but rewarding gameplay
  • Leaderboards and events
  • Available across multiple platforms.


  • Microtransactions for extra lives and power-ups
  • High difficulty levels can be frustrating
  • Levels sometimes need to be more random and unforgiving.
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Author: King
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Size: Varies with device

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