Human: Fall Flat review

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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a challenging yet light-hearted physics platformer game developed by Tomas Sakalauskas for PC and console. It was recently released for consoles in 2016, and it's a game unlike any other. It features a wacky physics-based platformer that has truly memorable characters and worlds. Players can navigate the ever-changing dreamscapes, solve mind-bending puzzles, and work with up to four fellow players to experience this puzzle platformer.


Human: Fall Flat features beautiful artwork and bold colors. The vibrant characters and environments are designed to draw players in and keep them coming back for more. The cartoon-like graphics bring the game to life in every dreamscape, from castles and mansions to snowy mountains and industrial locations.


Human: Fall Flat offers players a unique experience compared to many traditional platformers. The physics-based puzzles require creativity and problem-solving skills to complete. Players must navigate the floating dreamscapes while keeping their balance, as they must jump, climb, and stop quickly before they fall off of ledges. The game also includes a cooperative mode, in which players can work together to complete the levels and achieve their goals. Furthermore, the game utilizes elements of the environment to provide solutions to puzzles, urging players to use their ingenuity and explore each level.


Human: Fall Flat follows a character called Bob, every man who finds himself in a surreal dreamscape. His goal is to find a way out of the dream, and this is accomplished by solving puzzles across various levels. As Bob progresses through the levels, he will face mind-bending and hilarious obstacles and puzzles.


Human: Fall Flat is an engrossing platform game that offers hours of creative problem-solving and exploration. With its challenging puzzles, vibrant graphics, cooperative gameplay, and free updates, this game is sure to keep you entertained. Overall, Human: Fall Flat is an enjoyable game that caters to everyone and has something to offer both experienced and novice gamers.


  • Challenging and thought-provoking puzzles
  • Unique physics-based gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics and characters
  • Free new levels
  • Multiple routes to explore and discover
  • Ideal for solo or cooperative play.


  • Not much of a story
  • Gameplay can become repetitive
  • Occasional difficulty spikes.
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Author: 505 Games Srl
Latest Version: 1.0
Size: 39M

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