Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an intensely suspenseful and enthralling stealth game that's sure to captivate and surprise many. The game is all about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to uncover the dark and mysterious secrets they’re hiding in the basement. With a highly advanced AI that gets smarter with every move you make, you’ll need to be careful not to get caught as you explore. 

Graphics and Ambience: An Exciting and Immersive Experience

The graphics in this game have a simple and familiar aesthetic, but the atmosphere created is one of intense suspense. All of the characters are detailed and display realistic movements and reactions, adding to the overall enigmatic atmosphere of the game. From subtle lighting to the eerie music playing in the background, the details all help to draw players in, creating an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

Features: Challenging and Exciting Gameplay

The main feature of this game is its challenging artificial intelligence, which adapts to your every move and sets new traps as you explore. This makes the game quite difficult but also incredibly exciting, as you are never sure what’s going to happen next. With no real way to anticipate the Neighbor’s actions, the suspense, and thrill of the game only intensify. 

Story: A Gripping Tale of Mystery and Suspense

The main plot of Hello Neighbor revolves around uncovering the secrets of your mysterious neighbor. As you explore, you reveal the truth behind the neighbor’s dark actions and the truth behind the mysterious basement. This narrative does a great job of establishing a thrilling and gripping atmosphere, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Controls: Easy to Pick Up and Play

Hello Neighbor also has some great controls and movement options. It’s quite simple to pick up and understand, as the game isn’t too complicated, and the controls are quite intuitive. It’s easy to figure out the basics of the game and from there, it just gets even more exciting. 

Conclusion: An Intensely Suspenseful Experience with Great Features

In conclusion, Hello Neighbor is an intense and gripping game with some great features. From the thrilling AI to the mysterious and engaging storyline, the game is sure to captivate and surprise many. While the difficulty may be too much for some, the overall experience is sure to make an impression. For those looking for a challenge and thrill, Hello Neighbor is one of the best.


  • Highly advanced AI for an entertaining and challenging experience
  • The intense and suspenseful atmosphere
  • Engaging story
  • Simple and intuitive controls.


  • The difficulty is quite high
  • Graphics may be too basic for some.
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Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Size: 34M

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